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Our Goal

Our Goal

The goal of Urgent Cargo Northwest is to direct the operation of our business in the most competitive, profitable manner possible while maintaining a strict ethical standard and compliance with all laws. This goal is intended to ensure that our responsibility to our customers, employees and stockholders is carried out in a way that delivers the most value to all.

Our commitment to customers is evident throughout our organization, and originates with the customer oriented attitude possessed by management. We offer a service that we can deliver, and make every effort to deliver the service that was committed to. Customer grievances are dealt with promptly.

Our employees are our most valued asset. Every employee will be treated fairly. Each employee will be provided a positive, discrimination free work environment. A well defined organizational structure will be maintained which allows employees to post grievances if they believe that they are being treated unfairly. We strive to provide a positive ethical example which sets a tone throughout the organization.

Urgent Cargo Northwest is committed to operating in a socially responsible manner with specific emphasis on training our employees and maintaining our equipment – allowing Urgent Cargo Northwest to be a leader in safety in our industry. We are proud of the contribution we make to the general public in employment opportunities and economic productivity. We are active in civic organizations and do our part to give back to our communities.

Our non-driving employees are provided a code of ethics and code of conduct when hired and are made aware of their reporting avenues should they witness unethical behavior. One such avenue is Ethics Point, a third-party reporting service through which employees may report unethical behavior and remain anonymous if they wish. Our driver employees may report unethical behavior through our driver liaison.

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