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The Company

As one of the most progressive and innovative ground transportation company in United States, Urgent Cargo Northwest is committed to providing first-class service to our customers.

For years, Urgent Cargo Northwest has provided ground transportation services across United States. We are a privately owned, asset-based transportation and logistics company dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction. Our services range from single-box shipments to full truckload, warehousing, white-glove delivery, and expedited service and more. For efficiency we utilize latest in tracking and delivery technology.

Dedicated, Experienced Professionals

Urgent Cargo Northwest has been building its reputation in the Ground Transportation Industry one satisfied customer at a time. We have done this by employing dedicated, experienced professionals in our office as well as on the road. We also stay on the cutting-edge of technology with all of our units being satellite-tracked and electronically dispatched.

Vision Statement

  • To provide an expedited service that is number one in the industry.
  • To assure customers’ total confidence in our ability to move their product via the use of:
  • Our most valuable asset: dedicated and trained employees

  • An experienced, well-equipped and safety oriented fleet of Independent Contractors
  • The latest proven technologies and communication methods

Logistics Methodology

It’s all about relationships – and developing clear communication to build them. This starts and ends with a collaborative process. By understanding your challenges inside and out, we are able to custom engineer freight services that suit the particular needs of each shipment. Many companies claim to be the ‘best freight brokers’ but few live up to that name. Here at Urgent Cargo Northwest, we strive to be the best.

Urgent Cargo Northwest has formulated a systematic process to support our logistics methodology and ensure a positive customer experience:


We take great pride in our ability to easily assimilate and become an expert in your business. This collaborative, relationship-first approach allows us to understand key business considerations (from culture to how you’ve shipped products previously) that may affect recommended transportation solutions.


We focus on understanding the core of your business, including the latest trends that dictate shipping requirements, your competitors’ supply chain culture and the toughest logistical challenges you face internally. Then, we lean on this information AND our experience with previous customers to identify opportunities for highly cost-effective transportation service.


No two shipments are the same; we design our routes and loading procedures to provide the most efficient and reliable methods of traveling from one location to another. We also discuss options for further optimizing your transportation plan to improve delivery times and reduce costs.


Acting as mediator, we negotiate reasonable shipping rates on a client’s behalf, also providing experienced crisis prevention to ensure the logistics process is managed and monitored to the quality and safety standards our customers expect.


Listening and constant interaction isn’t just a bullet point promise for us – it’s in our company DNA. Though we utilize technology to ensure your shipment arrives in the right place, on time, we won’t abandon you to the mercy of automated tracking. For every shipment, there is a real human being available 24/7 to ensure a clear line of communication remains open throughout the process.

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