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Flatbed Trucking

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Flatbed Trucking

Urgent Cargo Northwest Flatbed Trucking services offers a nearly stress-free method of delivery with maximum results. Easy to load and unload, flatbed trailers provide a reliable method of over-the-road shipping for trade professionals who regularly exchange raw freight (steel, lumber, copper wiring, etc.) and other durable goods with national suppliers.

Our outstanding Flatbed delivery standards are a testament to the amount of effort we put into developing crucial connections with the best trucking companies in the business. Finding the perfect Flatbed truck operator for your shipment is as simple as a single phone call to Urgent Cargo Northwest. Contact our rate department today for your flatbed transport services freight quote. We are always happy to help fulfill your transportation needs.


We maintain close relationships with an extensive and qualified network of Flatbed operators and owners that are available for transport shipments in all types of weather and traffic conditions. Whether you need freight shipped up and down the East coast, down South, into the Midwest, or across the nation we can arrange it for you.

With Urgent Cargo Northwest Flatbed Trucking services, you will benefit from reliable pickup, on-time delivery and an expert to manage your shipment from dock to final delivery. We can also transport your overweight or over dimensional loads, as well as consolidate your LTL shipments to cut time and fuel costs.


Flatbed trailers are ideal for shipping copper tubing, cast iron materials, and other freight not vulnerable to adverse road or weather conditions. Urgent Cargo Northwest Flatbed Trucking and transportation services are also commonly used for:

  • Construction equipment and materials.
  • Overweight/over dimensional loads.
  • Building supplies.
  • Piping and steel beams.

  • Iron latticework and machinery.
  • Farming equipment.
  • Lumber.

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